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You play as a valiant Let's Player attempting to make his way through a series of classic Dintendo ("The Big D") games remade for virtual reality. Each mini game is, essentially, a mini first person shooter with aesthetic nods and gameplay references to classic Nintendo games.

Your guide in this world is the handy JOB the JOBOT, who guides you from level to level with a bedside manner that can only be described as GLaDOS-esque. Will the AI's wit be a match for you, the Let's Player, and your engaging and definitely not scripted content?

The four mini-games featured within Now You're Let's Playing With Power are:

  • Shot The Duck Up (Duck Hunt)
  • The Maria Sisters (Mario Bros)
  • Mootroid (Metroids)
  • The Legendary Zoldo (Legend of Zelda)

Unfortunately, we didn't get enough time to write and record the Let's Players side of things, so for now you'll just have to enjoy 4 mini-games. Very much playable, but a little rough around the edges.

For those of you without a Vive, I recorded a play-through for you.

Made by:

Me - Programming and Design

Tim Hutton - Writing and Design

Cassie Selin - 2D Art

Install instructions

Unzip the folder, and move the contents to a nice, warm location of your choosing. Open SteamVR, then run the exe.


LetsPlayingWithPower.zip 34 MB

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